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Maintaining Your Pool's Water Level

Maintaining Your Pool's Water Level
February Pool Tips

The main theme of this month’s pool tips is maintaining water level. The main cause of pool equipment problems during the winter months is low water level. During the winter months here in Florida our rainfall diminishes greatly. As we get accustomed to the heavy rainfall during the summer months we forget about monitoring the pool’s water level. Consequently, the pool water drops to an insufficient level. This results in the pump sucking air through the skimmer which in turn causes the pump to run dry. This often causes catastrophic pump failure and plumbing leaks. If you follow the tips provided, you can avoid all these problems and lots of money at the same time. If you observe that your pool is losing more than about 1” per week you probably have a leak. Call us about comprehensive leak detection.
  • Check water levels once a week. Make a note on your calendar or planner to prevent you from forgetting. If you are going out of town and you are one of our service customers, notify us and we will be happy to monitor it for you. If you are not one of our customers I recommend you become one or you can request a reliable neighbor, friend or relative to monitor it for you.

  • Call us to install an automatic timer on your hose bib to prevent you from overfilling your pool, then having to drain out the water you just paid for. Another option is to set an alarm for about 30 minutes to remind you to check the water level each time you add water.

  • Keep thermometers and toys out of the skimmer. They can obstruct the skimmer door or weir and prevent the water from flowing through the skimmer. This has the same effect as the water being too low.

  • If you are heating your pool either with a solar system or a heat pump call us about installing a pool cover or solar pills. These will not only assist greatly in reducing evening heat loss but will greatly reduce water loss through evaporation.
I hope you find these tips useful. Please call us if you have any questions.
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